Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's Potty Time!!!

Well, I am so proud to announce that Alex is finally potty training!!! For the past week or so he has been working on it, having success about 50% of the time, and finally he hasn't had a single accident and has used the potty everytime all day!! He even woke up dry this morning. And then later when we were out running errands he told us he had to go, so we stopped at a gas station and he went in with Timm and went there!!! I am just so proud of him I could burst, this has been a long time coming and he is doing so incredibly well. His big prize he is working on is if he goes a full 24 hours without any accidents and using the potty every single time he gets a mickey mouse watch. So, if he wakes up dry tomorrow, we will be going shopping!! YAY ALEX!!!!

On another note, we had a great 4th of July. We had a bunch of family up and did a ton of fire works , after it stopped pouring rain of course. Thank you to everyone for coming, we had a blast!! (pun intended, lol)

Also, Little Mackenzie is sitting up now. The little stinker wouldn't sit at all, then all of a sudden one morning I walked into her room and the little booger was sitting in her crib, just smiling. And now everytime she is on the floor she gets her self sitting, of course she doesn't know how to get out of that position, so after about 5 minutes she has to be rescued. LOL My babies are growing up too fast!!

And well, the next adventure is Collin's Birthday next month, when did my little boogerface get to be 2 years old??? Man, time goes by too fast. (and no one needs to mention my 25th birthday in August either, hey at least my insurance will go down, LOL). :-)

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Beth said...

Congrats to Alex and Mackensie! :)