Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sick House

Well, we all had a great weekend, except that on sunday the boys and I got a yucky cold, and by monday Timm had it too. It made him going back to work after having a week off just that much worse! LOL. But, we are starting to feel better aside from some runny noses. And in light of being sick I thought I would share this pic from about a month ago when Collin had a nasty fever for a few days, he was laying on the couch and Alex wanted to lay with him, it was very sweet and very cute.

In other news we are are going to be getting a cow next weekend!! He is only going to be about 10 days old when we get him. He is a cute little Jersey cow named Norman (after the cow from City Slickers, LOL). He will probably be just a pet until the boys are old enough to do 4H and then he may be a show cow. I will post pics when we get him :-).

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Beth said...

Hee hee! You guys and your farm! I can't believe it! :)