Monday, September 29, 2008

Alex's Preschool Masterpieces

One day they did finger painting, and this is what my boy came up with. Not quite sure what it is supposed to be, but it sure looks like he had fun!

Every week or 2 they do a different letter. Obviously the first 2 weeks it was 'A' and so they had stories about apples and did these art projects.

Last week they started with the letter 'B' and have had stories about bears. Ali did a great job on his bear, but he must be awful uncomfortable with his leg on upside down. :-P

Every week or 2 they also introduce a new shape. The first was circles. They went on 'circle hunts' in the classroom and one day Ali brought this home. He was very proud of his ducky.

Busy Busy Busy

Well, we have been very busy the last few weeks. And, life proves to get busier over the next month. Alex has been having a blast at preschool, and he comes home every week with a stack of art project (which I will take some pics of and post) which I love. On thursday the 2nd alex has his first field trip to the Harpers Ferry Library. All parents have to chaperone since his preschool doesn't have the ability to bus the kids, so I have a friend watching the younger ones and I get to go with Ali, I am really looking forward to it. Then, in October Alex has picture day, then the local fire company is going to visit, then they have a halloween party and have another field trip to a pumpkin patch! I am so happy for him that he is having so much fun. Collin and Kenzie are doing well too. Coli has been his usually self, throwing fits everyday about anything he isn't in total control over, arn't 2s grand!!! But he is also incredibly sweet, bringing people their drinks and playing with Kenzie, and he always says "thank you". And Kenzie isn't walking yet, but she pull up on everything and is crawling and exploring the whole house. I get the feeling like one day she is juist gonna stand up and run. LOL. ANd she now has 4 teeth, and 2 more coming in. Oh, and she eats like I have never seen a baby eat. She eats as much as the boys do at any particular meal. :-) Well, that is the update for now. I will post more pics just as soon as I remember to get new batteries for my camera (which is sad because we have then, they are just in one of our sheds, LOL).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saving Grace- A Night of Hope

Yesterday my mom had the kids (Timm went on a fishing trip with our next door neighbor) and I went to the Gala for the Preeclampsia Foundation. I recieved a comp ticket since I am a PE survivor and gave an interview to a woman doing an educational video for physicians about the personal effects of PE. It was a very emotional night, there were so many women there who lost their babies due to PE and complications from prematurity due to PE, and many stories of women who passed away themselves due to this horrible disease. 76,000 women die every year from this horrible disease for which there is no cure but delivery. I am so incredibly lucky to be alive today and to have my 3 healthy children. I give all of the credit to my doctors, who didn't blow me off, but listened and took action when action needed to be taken even at my pleading to be sent home from the hosptial or taken off the mag sulfate which made every muscle in my body cramp up. When things like that happen to you, it makes you wonder, why AM I here. Why did I survive when so many other women have died. If I was alive 50, or even 20 years ago, I probably would be dead, along with Alex. It is those sorts of realizations that make you understand how precious life is, and it truely makes you believe in the divine.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Alex's First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Alex's first day of preschool. He goes from 1-3:45pm tues/thurs. I was so afraid that he was going to be upset when he saw I wasn't staying with him, even though we had talked about it. But, I signed him in and we walked up to the classroom door and as the teacher ushered him into class he just turned around and said "bye mommy" with a little waive, and that was it. Then I went out to my car and cryed for 5 minutes, LOL. I think what got me was just hwo independent he was, it didn't bother him one bit to go to school, he is a little boy now and not my baby!! :-P Then when I picked him up (which I was almost late for thanks to a very large freight train!! ) he just walked out and took my hand. I asked him what he did at school he said that he played on the playground, had snack (of donuts and juice apparently) and that he "listened to his teacher". LOL. But he loved it and said he wants to go back. I am so proud of him. My little my is a little kid now!!

Before school

After school

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back From Vacation

Well we got back from our vacation on saturday but I am finally feeling like I am getting back on a schedule. We had a great time though. The kids were a bit off since we were totally off our normal schedule, but I think they had a blast. We went to The Enchanted Forest, which is a waterpark/amusement park, Sylvan Beach, and basically just hung out with family and had a good time. Here are just a couple pics.

This is Alex and Aiden, his cousin on our first night there in bed together. They had so much fun together!!
This is Alex and Timm walking at Sylvan Beach. We didn't go swimming there, we just had lunch and walked around and let Alex ride some of the rides there. But it was fun!
The only ride we could get Collin on was the Carousel, but he liked it. After the first moment of being scared he had fun and was waiving to us all.