Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saving Grace- A Night of Hope

Yesterday my mom had the kids (Timm went on a fishing trip with our next door neighbor) and I went to the Gala for the Preeclampsia Foundation. I recieved a comp ticket since I am a PE survivor and gave an interview to a woman doing an educational video for physicians about the personal effects of PE. It was a very emotional night, there were so many women there who lost their babies due to PE and complications from prematurity due to PE, and many stories of women who passed away themselves due to this horrible disease. 76,000 women die every year from this horrible disease for which there is no cure but delivery. I am so incredibly lucky to be alive today and to have my 3 healthy children. I give all of the credit to my doctors, who didn't blow me off, but listened and took action when action needed to be taken even at my pleading to be sent home from the hosptial or taken off the mag sulfate which made every muscle in my body cramp up. When things like that happen to you, it makes you wonder, why AM I here. Why did I survive when so many other women have died. If I was alive 50, or even 20 years ago, I probably would be dead, along with Alex. It is those sorts of realizations that make you understand how precious life is, and it truely makes you believe in the divine.

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