Monday, September 29, 2008

Alex's Preschool Masterpieces

One day they did finger painting, and this is what my boy came up with. Not quite sure what it is supposed to be, but it sure looks like he had fun!

Every week or 2 they do a different letter. Obviously the first 2 weeks it was 'A' and so they had stories about apples and did these art projects.

Last week they started with the letter 'B' and have had stories about bears. Ali did a great job on his bear, but he must be awful uncomfortable with his leg on upside down. :-P

Every week or 2 they also introduce a new shape. The first was circles. They went on 'circle hunts' in the classroom and one day Ali brought this home. He was very proud of his ducky.


Beth said...

I am so glad he is having fun at preschool! All those activities coming up sound awesome!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful creations! Do we have an artist in the making?! I am glad he is enjoying preschool so much. Fun times ahead.