Monday, June 23, 2008

3 Boys on a Picnic

We went to a picnic with a group of our friends on Saturday and had a blast. This pic is from when we first got there. I had set my empty coffee cup down and Collin picked it up. Hey, a little boy has to have his caffeine too!! LOL

And I managed to capture the most illusive of photos, MY HUSBAND! The man known for his ability to dodge pictures of himself, or to do something stupid in them to "mess" them up actually let me take a picture of him playing with the boys. And amazingly enough, he is smiling!! Who knew the man who's dream job is to be an assassin actually has a soft side. This pic is priceless. My 3 boys!! :-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Belated Father's Day!!

I just wanted to say happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there. To my dad, I love you so very much. I can't tell you how much it means to me that no matter how far away you are you are always there when it counts. I know you love all of us, and we love you. And to my wonderful husband, you are an amazing dad who works so insainly hard to give your children the life they deserve. And the kids look up to you like a God, you are the first one they talk about in the morning and the last one before they go to sleep, and when you are home you have a little fan club following you around. And I can't tell you how much it melts my heart when I see you holding little baby Kenzie and talking to her. And to all the Daddies out there, Happy Father's Day!!!

In other news, this was a great weekend. On saturday Amma came up and we all went to the Mountain Heritage Festival in Charles Town. It is a huge craft fair with music and food, and we all had a good time. Then for Father's Day I made Timm his favorite breakfast of Biscuits and Gravy, and we went shopping while Timm worked outside with Luke, our next door neighbor, and then we all played in the pool for a while. It was a great weekend and everyone had a lot of fun. Though I think Timm got sun poisoning. He has had sunburns for like 3 weeks straight and last night he got the chills and a really bad headache. The man never wears sunscreen!!!! LOL.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Alex decided one night after Timm got home that he wanted to put on Daddy's clothes. He was so proud of himself that he looked like Daddy.

The thing about having two boys so close in age is that they always do what the other one does. Well, one of them took off their diaper, so the other one did. Then they both had to bring their pillows and blankets out into the living room and pretend to be asleep on the floor. And of course Collin is in his boots, which i have to fight him now to take off, he loves those things.

And of course, the angel if the group, LOL. Little Mackenzie is getting so big, and she must be teething because she ALWAYS has her fingers in her mouth. I almost have to pry them out just to feed her. And this morning I was playing with her on her bedroom floor and Collin came in and sat down with us and made his stuffed car kiss her over and over. He is such and sweet boy, and Kenzie loves her big brother. :-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I know, still no pictures

Well, after having just gotten our new computer all set up I realized that it does not have ports for the camera's card. So, we will have to get a cable for it, so, *sigh* no pictures yet.

But, this past weel our A/C broke, so it was like 95 degrees in the house, except for Mackenzie's room which was nice and cool because the A/C is right outside her window. But we finally got it fixed today, thank the Gods!!! I was tired of being a sweaty pig, and a sunburned sweaty pig at that because we spent a lot of time in the pool to stay cool over the weekend. LOL. But, Alex and Collin had a ball in the pool, we are still in the process of filling it up so it was only waist deep on Alex and chest deep on Collin. And even Timm relaxed enough to just splash and play for a while. I kept Mackenzie inside because it was just too hot and sunny for her pale skin.

Anyways, I will continue to post with out pictures until I can get them loaded. And then I will post all the cute ones. :-)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!!

Sorry for the delay in posting. We just bought a new computer and it has taken some time to set up and get running right. But, things have been pretty typical. We have spent a lot of time just trying to keep cool in this 90-100 degree weather. Luckily we have our pool, which has been wonderful. Yesterday we spent a good 4 hours just splashing and having fun. Alex just has a blast, Collin was a little hesitant but after a little while he started to have a good time. Today it will probably be more of the same.

On another note, I have some pics to post but just haven't gotten to it. I will try to get them posted today or tomorrow. :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fashion from the House of Collin

What fashion sense my little boy has. Wearing his Thomas the Train pjs and yellow rain boots. And carrying drum sticks and Timm's old cell phone, he is ready to hit the town. LOL

Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby vs Baby

Our wonderful friends Beth, Alexander, and Jack came over today and played with us. We had a blast playing in Ali's room and out on the playset outside. This pic is of Mackenzie and Jack playing with the same toy on the exersaucer. It was too cute not to snap a pic. :-) Thank you for a fun morning Beth, Alexander, and Jack!!