Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I know, still no pictures

Well, after having just gotten our new computer all set up I realized that it does not have ports for the camera's card. So, we will have to get a cable for it, so, *sigh* no pictures yet.

But, this past weel our A/C broke, so it was like 95 degrees in the house, except for Mackenzie's room which was nice and cool because the A/C is right outside her window. But we finally got it fixed today, thank the Gods!!! I was tired of being a sweaty pig, and a sunburned sweaty pig at that because we spent a lot of time in the pool to stay cool over the weekend. LOL. But, Alex and Collin had a ball in the pool, we are still in the process of filling it up so it was only waist deep on Alex and chest deep on Collin. And even Timm relaxed enough to just splash and play for a while. I kept Mackenzie inside because it was just too hot and sunny for her pale skin.

Anyways, I will continue to post with out pictures until I can get them loaded. And then I will post all the cute ones. :-)

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