Thursday, June 12, 2008


Alex decided one night after Timm got home that he wanted to put on Daddy's clothes. He was so proud of himself that he looked like Daddy.

The thing about having two boys so close in age is that they always do what the other one does. Well, one of them took off their diaper, so the other one did. Then they both had to bring their pillows and blankets out into the living room and pretend to be asleep on the floor. And of course Collin is in his boots, which i have to fight him now to take off, he loves those things.

And of course, the angel if the group, LOL. Little Mackenzie is getting so big, and she must be teething because she ALWAYS has her fingers in her mouth. I almost have to pry them out just to feed her. And this morning I was playing with her on her bedroom floor and Collin came in and sat down with us and made his stuffed car kiss her over and over. He is such and sweet boy, and Kenzie loves her big brother. :-)

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Beth said...

Collin and Xander with their boots! Oh, and of course I can't keep clothes on him either!