Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Recommendation

I have fallen in love...with a blog! The blog is called FreeRange Kids and while it is a 'parenting' blog, I think just about anyone could read it. It is run by a woman named Lenore Skenazy, who now has a book out by the same name, FreeRange Kids. Some may know her as "the worst mom in America". She was dubbed that because she wrote an article a couple years back about how she let her then 9 year old son ride the New York Subway alone from a department store to their home. There is a whole story that goes along with that that I won't get into here, but what the main point of her blog (and her book is) is that we need to trust our kids and let them experience the world according to their own abilities, not by what society lays down as what is appropriate. She goes into a lot of crime statistics and talks with a lot of experts about everything from baby toys, to the media. And while her brand of parenting may not be for everyone, I know she goes a little farther than I myself would be comfortable with, I don't think it could hurt to take a look at what she says. She is snarky, funny, and very informative. And on her blog she posts a lot of letters she gets as well as newstories. So, if you have a mind check her out! Or just look for the link on the right of my page. :-)

Everyone is growing up!

It is hard to believe that I don't have any babies anymore. Not that I necessarily want anymore. But still, having 3 back to back I felt like I constantly was doing the baby thing, now my munchkins are growing up! Alex's kindergarten registration is on March 12th, and he turns 5 on the same day. I am also trying to get Collin's preschool paperwork done, which means getting a million forms filled out by his pediatrician and dentist. He will be in the same class next year that Alex is in this year. And to top it off Mackenzie is potty training!! I just bought her her first set of little girl underwear, with princesses on them (cause that is what she picked). The idea of not buying diapers again is so exciting and yet kinda sad. Now instead of screaming babies, diaper changing, and naps (why do those have to go too!!?) I have three arguing, opinionated, little kids who are too smart for their own good. You can't pull one over on them anymore. Oh well, at least I get to sleep all night. :-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rediscovering the Library

Ok, so I am a child of the information age. I am 26 and I think mine was the last generation to write papers in elementary school with blue or black ink, cursive, double-spaced on college ruled paper. By high school is was all typed. And today, even my four year old can use the computer. But even so, it still surprised me when low and behold, I rediscovered an old friend, the library!! Imagine it a whole building full of PAPER books, all available to borrow for FREE!! LOL I know I felt stupid that I hadn't even thought of going to the library for probably close to 10 years, but yesterday I made the leap and got myself a library card and took Alex and Collin with me. They loved it!! For our first check out we picked some kids audiobooks to listen to in the car. Last night I couldn't help going on and on about all the cool stuff they offer, and what kind of stuff I could check out. It made me realize, there really is no excuse these days not to read to your kids. I mean come on, it is the simplest thing that can give the most pleasure and really change a child forever. I know I would not be who I am today without books, reading has always been a tremendous part of my life, and even today I feel rather empty if I don't have a good book to read. So go ahead, rediscover the library, for yourself and your kids, they really are amazing places! :-)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still Alive!

First some pictures. :-)

Yes, the boys are wearing make-up! They wanted me to put some on them, so I did. LOL

Mackenzie in her Christmas dress.

Mackenzie out in the snow storm we got.

Yes, it is true, I am still here. I did not fall off the face of the planet, just been very busy with the holidays and all. So here I am, back in a new year (and a new decade!) Things have been very good here! Alex is doing wonderfully in school, he loves his classmates and his teacher, he even has a "girlfriend" named Alyssa. Collin and Mackenzie are growing like weeds! Kenzie is already speaking in sentenses, and Collin is learning his ABCs.

Our holidays were fantastic! Christmas eve we spent with my husband's side of the family at my sister-in-law's house, then Christmas day we spent with my family at our house. Then we went down to visit my dad and step-mom in North Carolina for a week, which was a blast! We are so blessed with such a big loving family!!

So much has gone on it would take pages to write it all down here, but I will say this was probably our busiest, but most fun holidays yet!