Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Universal Preschool-Update

Today I took Alex to have some followup testing done by the pre-kindergarten teacher at his elementary school. And I must say, while he did a good job, he acted very wierd. Things I know he knows he refused to do for her, like identifying his letters and pointing out body parts. But, in the end it may have been a good thing because she said he definitly qualifies for the program next year! So, next school year he will be going to pre-k tues-fri, 8:15am-11:30am at his elementary school. I really liked the teacher too, she was young, and really seemed to interact well with Alex. She said they offer a bus to pick him up in the morning if I am interested, but I just don't think I am ready to put my baby on a bus, so I told her I have no problem driving him, LOL. And he gets the option to buy or bring his breakfast with him to eat at school, though if he eats at home he can just play while the other kids eat. In the end I think this is going to be great for him, and it gives me some security knowing that he is now going to be followed by the county, so if any learning issues come up they can be quickly dealt with.

On another note, Mackenzie is now out of her crib. For the last month or so she has been trying to climb out of it, and in the process gets her knees stuck between the slats, sometimes giving herself some pretty good bruses. So, on sunday the crib came down and she is now on her mattress on the floor until she gets used to it, then we will put a toddler bed in. So far, she has done wonderfully, no crying or fussing at all. Sometime we will hear her up playing after we put her to bed, but later when we go to check on her she is always asleep in her bed. It felt so wierd though, that crib has been up, constantly since I was 27 weeks pregnant with Alex (when we got it), it was wierd taking it apart and putting it away. But I am proud of her, she is growing up too fast. Plus, she is now really walking most of the time. Where did all my babies go!! LOL. :-)

Also, as a last aside, my faithful digital camera of 4 years kicked the bucket this last week, so hence why no pictures of the kids. But hopefully the beginning of May I will be getting a new one, if anyone has any recommendations for a good one that doesn't cost the GNP of a small country please let me know. :-)


Beth said...

That's great that Alex gets to go to the pre-K! How perfect that it's right in his elementary school, too! That should really ease his transition, and I'm sure he'll really enjoy it and learn a lot. :)

I can't believe Mackensie is out of her crib already! Jack has not even started trying to climb out, but he always wears a sleep sack, so it would be pretty tough! I hope he'll sleep in there for a long time, still! Alexander never really slept in it since he was always in bed with me, but he got his own big boy bed right after he turned 2. I hope to keep Jack in there longer and I hope he NEVER figures out how to climb out!!!

Beth said...

Oh, and I meant to tell you that I like my Canon Powershot. I think it was about $130 but I don't remember exactly. I was surprised, though, that 2 different times Justin and I went to Best Buy looking at cameras and the salespeople were actually quite knowledgeable and helpful.

Mrs. Darling said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I wish I had time to get around more to you all but just know I count you as one of the Dishpan family over there.