Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brothers and Sister

So, the kiddos spent the weekend with my mom this last weekend, and as a fun craft she made tye dye shirts with them. They came out very very cute, and after they were all done my mom took this pic. It is so hard to get all three of them together where they arn't either upset, screaming, or trying to run away, so a pic like this is priceless. Thanks mom!! :-)


Amma said...

What a GREAT picture! They are just so cute! I'm sure they had a blast making their shirts. She probably had as much fun as they did. Doing projects with your grandkids and making memories is priceless!


Beth said...

OMG, what cute little blondie-bears! A great shot! :)

IrishPatty said...

We had so much fun however this is one of those projects that can either turn out a success or be a messy disaster LOL. Fortunately, it was a success. I know exactly what you mean with regard to one trying to run away.If you look closer at the pic you will see that Alley is holding onto Kenzie. She kept trying to get off the sofa.