Monday, September 21, 2009

The Joy of Germs

Well, my track record has been tarnished. After 4 years of being a mom I was proud to say that my children had never had to have an antibiotic. But alas, poor Alex has been diagnosed with strep throat and is on antibiotics. I have nothing against drugs, but I myself am horribly allergic to just about all of them, so I have always been very selective and careful about them in general. But the poor guy is just miserable, I have struggled just to get him to drink anything, let alone eat. And getting him to take his medicine was a process in itself. It didn't help that he had a horrible experience getting his strep test at the pediatricians. At first he opened his mouth, but when she went to swab him he batted the swab away and touched it, so she had to do it again. Well, he wasn't having it and clamped his mouth shut, it took another very nice nurse to get him to open his mouth long enough to get a good sample, then he promptly threw up on the floor.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to get used to this, now having a child in public school (germ central!). Hopefully he will feel better soon and be able to eat again!


Amma said...

Poor Alex! I hope the antibiotics start to work quickly. Give him kisses from Amma and tell him I hope he feels better real soon.

Love, Amma

IrishPatty said...

I am so glad I was able to help Monday night. Alley had such a difficult time resting due to his sore throat and high fever. He was up every hour. We spent most of the night rocking and singing with his head on my chest. We tried the temped bath,fluids and tylenol. It was difficult because his throat hurt so badly and he did not want to move or swallow. I am so glad he is better and that Colley and Kenzie dodged the bullet. Love, Mom & GaGa.