Saturday, October 3, 2009


Things have been busy around here, but good. Luckily Alex got over his strep throat pretty quick, and tolerated the antibiotic very well. And it managed not to spread to anyone else in the family. He is also doing great at school, and really enjoys going. A new little girl just joined his class, so now there is an even 3 girls, 3 boys in his class. On the 8th he has picture day, and on the 16th he has a field trip to Ridgefield Farm, which is a pumpkin patch and orchard. He will get to take a school bus for the first time on that field trip, so I think he is gonna have a blast!

Collin and Mackenzie are doing very well too. On monday Mackenzie turns 2, yay!! I can't believe my baby is gonna be 2! We are having her party next saturday the 10th, which should be fun, hopefully it will be a nice day.

Today I think I am gonna take the kids to a local orchard that is having a fall festival type thing today, and then probably go to the store to start buying things for Kenzie's party. I know, my life is just sooo exciting. LOL. But I have to say I am so glad it is fall. October through New Years is my FAVORITE time of year. I just love the holiday season, it brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood, and now having kids of my own I get to do all the fun kids stuff all over again and experience it from their eyes.

My one goal for this fall, learn how to make an apple pie that doesn't turn to mush. Seriously, everytime I make an apple pie it tastes good, but turns so watery it barely respembles a pie. Anyone have any great tips for making an apple pie that holds together well?

Ok, well, better get my day going. It is beautiful here, like 65 and sunny, better go an enjoy the day! :-)


Beth said...

Funny you should say that about apple pie. I have a recipe which Justin LOVES, but it can be unpredicatable. It has never gotten totally mushy on me before, but I just made it for his bday and it was like soup! I may not have used enough flour in the "sauce." Let me know if you want the recipe. Like I said, it's good but unpredictable for some reason.

amma said...

Happy Birthday, Kenzie!! I can't believe you're 2 already! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day and I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!