Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenzie!!

This morning my little girl turned 2!! I can't believe it, she is my baby! She was born 6 weeks premature and was in the NICU for 11 days. She was a tiny 4lbs 8ozs and 18 inches long when she came home. Oddly enough she was the same weight coming home that Alex was, the difference is that that was pretty much her birth weight, where as Alex had actually doubled his. Crazy to think of them being that small. She is such a spunky, opinionated little girl, she keeps me on my toes, and she can definitly hold her own with her 2 big brothers.

So, happy birthday Kenzie!! We all love you so much!! :-)

This is Kenzie a few weeks ago

This was Kenzie at her first birthday party a year ago, what a difference a year makes!!

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Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Mackenzie! Alexander picked out your birthday present today! See you soon!