Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and other stuff

This year we had a subdued Halloween, but it was still fun. I took all three kiddos to Alex's school's fall festival last tuesday. We got hotdogs there and had fun seeing what all Alex's classmates dressed up as. There were a lot of other games and stuff there, but they were a little too 'old' for them, so after about an hour we left and came home. Then I took the kids trick-or-treating on thursday because that is when the Martinsburg Mall was doing it. The kids had a blast there! Though it was hard for Collin to get the idea that you only get one piece of candy at a time, he was upset when we went to the first place and he didn't get "lots". But other wise they were very good and got a good amount of candy.

Over the weekend Timm and I went out of town down to Roanoke, VA to visit some friends. It was a wonderful weekend, but not quite restfull, several late nights, so I feel like I need some extra sleep still. LOL.

And then today I had my first 'parent/teacher conference' with Alex's teacher. They are technically called 'home visits', but we had ours at the school. And basically Alex had to do a could of 'tests' where he had to ID some letters, write his name, and a few other things, then his teacher went over how she felt Alex was doing in school so far and all the things he has learned. Overall he is doing very very well! I am also very impressed with hsi teacher, she really seems to care a lot about each of her students and had a lot of information and pictures to share with me. I am so glad I got him into this pre-k class!!

And tomorrow Collin has his first gymnastics class at the community center. I hope he does well, I want to get him involved in more things, but he has such a stubborn streak in him it is hard to get him to cooperate sometimes. We will see!

On a side note, I also got my physically degree today in the mail. I graduated from college back in July, but hadn't gotten my acutal paper degree yet. It was definitly nice seeing my name on that piece of paper, especially after 7 years of hard work. :-)

Anyways, better get to folding some laundry. It made me feel bad when my hubby had to ask for some clean boxers this AM. I gotta get on the ball! :-P


IrishPatty said...

I am so incredibly proud of you. What a difficult task and YOU DID IT. You need to get a really nice frame and put your degree in a place where you can see it every day. If ever you have a day where you question how dedicated you are to everything you do, stop and soak it in. No mother could be prouder than I am of you....Way to go bugs!!!

Anonymous said...

And I second that motion from your mama! You know how long it took me for a 2-year degree. Sometimes a "stubborn streak" (think you used that term for Mr. Colley) can be put to good use! Congratulations, you smart and talented girl, you!

love and hugs,