Monday, May 3, 2010

A month gone by.

So, I know, I am getting bad at the blogging thing, a whole month and nothing posted. Oh well, here I am now with some updates!

Both Alex and Collin are all signed up for school next year, Collin for Pre-k and Alex for kindergarten. Alex is so excited about taking the bus next year too, though I am nervous about it, not from a safety point of view but just from a "oh my god my baby boy is going to be all myhimself on a bus with other kids and I don't have control!!" point of view. In other words, mommy issues. :-P But I gotta start snipping away at those apron strings one thread at a time, so Alex will ride the bus (and I am sure I will cry my eyes out that first day!).

Alex also just had his 5 year check-up last friday. He is 33lbs and 41 inches tall, small but still within normal. His weight is in the 5th percentile and his height in the 25th. Developmentally he is right on track, and growing well. He also got 2 shots, his second MMR and Varicella (chickpox). he actually did very well for those. He cried but he didn't fight at all.

Mackenzie is growing up so fast as well. She is speaking in full sentences now and is just a spunky, lively, opinionated little munchkin. She definitly keeps up with her brothers and gives them a run for their money. The potty training kinda stalled, but I am not worried, it will happen when it is supposed to happen.

Overall things have been going very well here, a lot of the same old same old, but I won't argue with that. :-)

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Amma said...

The thrills of watching your children grow and learn! Every mother has mixed feelings when she sends her children off to "real" school for the first time. Pride about their eagerness to try something new, sadness about their "leaving us" for the first time. It's a new adventure for them. You want to burst with pride when they come home and tell you about their first day. You realize it was a lot tougher on you than it was on them!

It's hard to believe 5 years have gone by already. They are all such beautiful and smart children. Each unique in their own way. Each having something to offer the world.

I am so proud of you and Timm as parents!

Enjoy each milestone. The memories they are creating with you are priceless.