Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring or Summer?

The weather around here has been very odd. Some days are 90+ degrees and sunny, others are 50 and rainy. It hasn't really felt like Spring, just summer part 1. We have already had to kiddy pool out once and have spent many days in shorts and t-shirts with icepops outside. I took this picture this past weekend. It was on the warmer side and all three kiddos climbed up on the ATV to sit and eat their icepops. I was amazed they all actually smiled and I managed to take a pretty good picture.

But on the whole nothing too exciting is going on around here. There is lots of work outside to do now that it is warming up and we are going for a small veggie garden this year, so there is lots of weeding in my future. I really can't wait for the pools so open though in like a week. The kids are old enough now that going to the pool will actually be fun this year and not a chore, plus I have lost like 20lbs and plan on buying a new bathing suit that doesn't make me feel like a cow squeezing into spandex. :-) Here we come summer!


Amma said...

What a great picture! Just look at those beautiful smiles! Kenzie is becoming quite blonde! Let's not talk about weeding - you haven't seen my jungle lately!!

Beth said...

Great pic! I almost didn't recognize Alex with all the hair! We definitely need to get together soon! School's out next week for us!