Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Day of School

Today was Alex's last day of school for the school year. I felt silly being a little emotionaly about it. I mean, it was only pre-k, not high school or anything, but still, I am just so proud of how he has done and to think he will be in full day kindergarten next year!! He is a kid now, not a preschooler. Alex on the other hand didn't seem to care too much. He did give his teacher a hug as we left, but after that all he could think about was what we were having for lunch. LOL. Now on to summer, I am trying to think of ways to entertain the kids. I am thinking about taking a "schoolish" approach and every week picking a theme to focus the week's activities around. Next week I think we will do 'outer space' since Alex has recently gotten into Star Wars. I figure on monday we will go to the library and pick out books about outer space, and then during the week we will work on an art project where we will build a model of the solar system using paper mache to build planets that we will paint and then maybe hang in the play room. The next week I am thinking of doing 'water' since that week Alex and Collin have their swim class all week. Beyond that I am not sure, but I am thinking of animals, dinosaurs, plants... Hopefully it will work and keep the kids busy and learning some too. :-)


Beth said...

I think your theme idea could totally work. I do think it's a great idea to have SOME plan... we're just using our Summer Activity List. But I know without SOME sort of direction or plan, I think we'd find ourselves bored every day. It's so much better to have the ideas already there, and then you can ALWAYS decide to just go with the flow in whatever direction, ya know? I can't believe this is our (yours and mine) last summer with all of our kids before REAL school! ACK!

Amma said...

What a great idea! Fun and learning at the same time. It's hard to believe Alex will be in kindergarten soon. The time has passed much too quickly. It's fascinating to listen to them as they grow up and learn. You wonder at times (at least I do) how it is they know what they do about any given topic. They absorb so much of what is going on around them and what they see and hear. As Timm used to say, "I just tuck it in the back of my brain until I need it!!"