Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just a Little Update

Well, nothing too exciting has happened in the last few days. Saturday night Timm and I went out to dinner, which was wonderful. After that we just took it easy for the weekend. Alex's new favorite thing is talking back, or saying "I can't like that!" when he doesn't want something, which is annoying as all get out. And poor Collin, we are realizing has a food alergy to tomatos. As a baby he would get spots whenever he ate tomato sauce, but as a toddler that reaction had gone away so we assumed he had grown out of it. Well, recently he has begun to have a lot of stomach problems which always end up in a horrible diaper rash, I mean this poor kid as diaper rashes every 2 weeks. And the only difference has been that we have had spaghetti a few times and pizza a few times in the last few weeks, which is more than usual. So, no more tomatoes for Collin and hopefully that will help. And Mackenzie, well she is her usual happy self. :-)

No pictures today, but hopefully I will have something for tomorrow.

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