Monday, May 26, 2008

Two goats and a monkey

Meet our new babies!! We got 2 new goats this weekend from our neighbor up on the hill. The all white one is Snowball and the white and brown one is Brownie. They are both neutered boys and are very sweet. Hopefully their big sisters will stop bullying them so much, right now Mary headbutts them anytime they try to go in the stable. I think it will just take time. And of course my sweet Colli, being the monkey that he is playing on the playset having a grand old time.

What a beautiful weekend it has been. We kept ourselves very busy, finishing the new chicken coup and cleaning out our swimming pool. But Amma was here and was a big help watching the kids and mucking about in our pond of a swimming pool. So, now that we are completely sunburned and quite tired, hopefully today will be a quiet day. And maybe I will take advantage of any sales and go buy a new vacuum cleaner today, as our 4 year old one pooped itself. I know, the dreams of a house wife, LOL.

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Beth said...

I'd love a new vacuum! Killer how our fantasies change...