Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet Baby Girl

Mackenzie is growing so fast! She babbles all the time and is working on getting up onto her hands and knees. She doesn't sit on her own yet, but she will get there. Her adjusted age is still a little shy of 6 months since she was a preemie, so for her adjusted age she is right on track!! And I am so surprised that she is such a happy, quiet, calm baby. She sleeps all night, then wakes up and plays in her crib for like an hour before I hear a peep out of her. She is content to just sit and play most of the time, especially now that she can grab and bat at stuff. I keep telling her that in this house she needs to be a little louder or else we might forget she is here with all that goes on everyday! LOL.

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Beth said...

AW! I hope that someday I willl be blessed with a sweet, calm little girl, too! What a cutie!!