Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alex's "Graduation"

Well, sort of, since he is going back to preschool next year, just a different one. But his school called it Appreciation Day. I had some flash forward moments though, sitting in the gym at the community center, seeing all the "congrats grad" signs up, waiting for the kids to march in. I almost expected to see an 18 year old Alex walking in in a cap and gown, LOL. But, thank goodness I have many more years before that happens. And considering how choked up I got at this little ceremony, I am going to need 14 years to learn how to hold myself together for his high school graduation. :-) But anyway, it was all very cute. The kids marched in, sang a few songs (one about frogs, another about planting flowers, and a few others) and then their names were called and they got a little certificate and a goody bag with some little toys. Afterwards there was a whole spread of food and the kids got to runa round and play. Overall it was very sweet, and a good time was had by all.

Now, over the summer Alex is taking a swimming class and a week long, half day karate camp.

Oh, and the pics here are in backwards order, the bottom ones are actually the first chronologically. :-)

Three happy kids eating cupcakes!

Alex getting his certificate from his teacher

The whole class lined up before they sang their songs

Alex walking into the gym, don't ya love the hands in the pockets. :-P


Beth said...

He knows he's too cool for school! TOO CUTE!!!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Another marker on the road of life. Congrats to your little grad!