Monday, June 1, 2009

A Hot Busy Weekend

Well, it feels like summer is finally here. It has been hotter than hades for the last several days, and of course we chose now to start ripping down our old, crappy deck to make room for our newer better one. Luckily we were blessed enough to have a bunch of help saturday and sunday. A few of our friends have decided to have "work parties" at each other's houses, so we had a few of them up on saturday and then sunday my brother and his fiance (who are getting married at our 'farm' on July 4th) came up to help some more. So between everyone we managed to get all the demolition done that was needed and I built a play house for the kids (I just enclosed the space under their playset and put in a floor) and built them a sandbox using left over boards that came off the old deck. And I am proud to say that I did most of the work on those things, measuring, cutting, and nailing the boards. Considering how suburban I typically am, it was a stretch for me. :-) The kids also were very busy, the boys were outside just about all day friday through sunday and played their little hearts out. And Mackenzie spent a few hours outside too, she is so fair skined though I kept her in more to prevent her getting too much sun.

So, in the end it was a very productive, busy, sweaty, sunburn inducing weekend. :-D Happy Monday everyone!!

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