Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Ninjas Summer Camp

This week Alex is going to camp for the first time. Of course it is only one week, 9-12 in the morning, but still, it is technically call camp. :-) But anyway, it is run by Jefferson County Parks and Rec, and the one he is doing is martial arts themed. It is with the same woman who taught the little Karate class Alex took a few months ago, and he loved that so I figured he would like this. Yesterday was his first day of camp, and he said he had fun, except that he would not tell me a darn thing that he did. The answer to every question was "nothing", ok I thought that started when he was like 14, not 4!! Oh well, at least he said he wanted to go back today and that is something. :-) It has also been my first experience 'packing a lunch' for him. It sounds silly but I actually almost teared up doing it the other night, to think my baby boy is old enough for me to be packing his lunch! Yeah, I am esily amused these days. LOL.

My goal with all these martial arts classes if for him to get an interest in it and eventually sign him up for formal classes through an academy. I think martial arts is fantastic, not only is it exercise but it builds selfesteem, respect, and will hopefully give him a focus as he grows up. But who knows, I won't force it down his throat, if he ends up not liking it then we will try something else.


Amma said...

Life's little milestones. We are so proud of them, yet it is hard to see them grow up so fast! He is so much like Timm - He takes on a challenge, accomplishes it and moves on. No need to talk about it!!! I'm glad he is eager to go. Eventually, you will see him incorporate what he is learning into his other activities. Wait until he wants to start practicing with you, but shows you no mercy. During practice, you're not his mother!! Savor all these precious moments.

I love you guys so very much!

Mrs. Darling said...

My kids love Tae Kwon Do!
I used to send them to summer camp at the nearby park. They loved it!

Beth said...

I hope Xander will be interested in martial arts as well. I think it would be especially good for balancing him out. Jack may need something to loosen him up instead!

I hope Alex has an awesome time and tells you more about it today!