Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Father and Daughter

Everyone told him it would happen, but I think Timm now sees it for himself, Mackenzie has him wrapped around her little finger and is not letting go. Of course he loves our boys just as much, but there is just something so special about his and Mackenzie's relationship. He has endless patience for her and everynight has to go into he room and lay with her (one night he even fell asleep in there for a few hours). And that little girl just squeels and giggles whenever he is around. Mommy may have been her first word, but she is totally a Daddy's girl. :-)

Our sweet little girl, after a yummy run in with a pudding cup. :-)

And of course, Father and Daughter. How blessed I am. :-)


Mrs. Darling said...

Yep theres nothing wuite like that father daughter relationship. Wait till she gets older and you try to give our husband a kiss and she pushes you away so she can kiss him! LOl Yep thats happened to me many times!

Beth said...

Aw! I need a baby girl! They're so sweet together. And wow, Timm's hair is getting long!

IrishPatty said...

I love a girl who thoroughly enjoys her food. Fast forward to her wedding day, order a vanilla cake or get a bib to match her dress...LOL

I loved swimming with the Crosskins yesterday. We had such a wonderful time. The day flew by. OMG, those egg salad sandwiches you made were to die for. I am going to get chickens of my own just to have more of those sandwiches. Tell the kiddos GaGa is looking forward to seeing them this weekend. Every time you drive away after we have had the day together my heart aches a bit. I miss you all so much. I am so impressed at the wonderful job you and Timm are doing. It shows in your children...A+