Sunday, August 9, 2009

Collin's 3rd Birthday Party!

Well, I don't know quite how it happened but some how my little boy is turning 3! His real birthday is on tuesday the 11th, but we had his party on this past saturday. We decided to do a cook out and spent lots of time sitting outside, enjoying the day. Thank you to everyone who came, we had a wonderful time, and were so happy to share the special day with you!

Collin threw a little bit of a fit right when we wanted him to blow out his candle because it meant that he had to stop playing with his new trucks.

It was hard to keep Alex from trying to open collin's presents, but in the end he was very good, and Collin really got into ripping the wrapping paper into little tiny pieces.

We were lucky that a good friend of ours, Beth, and her two boys were able to come to the party. In this pic is my hubby, Mackenzie, Jack (Beth's youngest), and finally Beth. The animals are always a big hit with the kids. :-)

And finally, this is the cake I made. Over all it turned out ok, the 'building' ended up almost falling off the back of the cake, but luckily it held up. And, it tasted good, and that is the important part.


Amma said...

What a great birthday party!! It was a lot of fun. Hard to believe he is almost 3 already. Where has the time gone?!! I'm very blessed to have such happy, healthy loving grandchildren.


Beth said...

Jack would have fed those goats all day if they would have cooperated. And Xander didn't want to leave, evah!

Happy birthday again, Collin! He was such a cutie-pie.