Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Newest Addition

So here he is, our newest little addition. My very sweet sister-in-law drove all the way to Fredericksburg (Like an hour and a half drive) to pick this little guy up for me. He is 10 weeks old, very playful and very friendly. I decided to name him Jasper (Jazz for short). Why you ask?? Well, I am a total dork and love Twilight, so I went through all the male Vampire names from Twilight and settled on Jasper because, well, I think he looks like a Jasper. So far our other cat Riley has tolerated him, and Sophie our dog has just about completely ignored him. And it is a struggle to get the kids to leave him alone, they are constantly wanting to pet him, pick him up, or just follow him around yelling "JASPER!!" at him. But I am sure after a week or two the novelty will wear off and they will back off some.

So, welcome Jasper, to our loving, slightly insaine family. Hopefully you weren't looking for calm and peaceful, cause you won't find that here. LOL. :-)

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