Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And her first word is..... (drumroll please!)

....MOMMY!! Yes, finally, my girl child spoke her first word and it is Mommy. Alex's first word was Daddy (any suprise since he is a little "mini me"), Collin's was "alex" (no suprise there since as a baby Timm and I were working so much he saw Alex more than us!), and now my sweet little girl. It is so wierd to hear her talk, her voice is very nasal right now, but darn it sure is cute!! She also kinda says "uh-oh", but not real well. On the walking front, still very little. She will cruise for short distances, like down the coffee table, or the big couch, but alas no more than that.

Only one more week till Christmas!!! Anyone who knows me well, will tell you (and be laughing about it at the same time) that I am the queen of tacky when it comes to Christmas. If money was no option (and I could tie my husband up for a while) our house would look like the house in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, with some added 15 foot tall blow up Santa's riding motorcycles and snowglobes. I LOVE Christmas, and the whole season, and now that Alex is old enough to know who Santa is and the whole story I have a good excuse to be as korny as I want to be about the whole thing!!! But last night, Timm and I had to laugh, when Alex started telling us what he wanted for Christmas. He wants his very own skid-loader (think small, Bobcat bulldozer kinda thing, our next-door neighbor Luke has one we borrow), with a gun on it. And he also thinks that we should all have our own skid-loaders so we can drive them around together. Timm had to explain to Alex that he doesn't think Santa could fit down the chimney with a Skid-loader. So, here we embark on the last week before "chris-chris" (as Alex calls it). Man, I don't know what I am going to do with myself on December 26th!! LOL.


Amma said...

Oh, how sweet! I wonder how long before she learns NO! Scary thing about the skid loader, Alex know what to do with one and proable how to operate it! unsat
I say go tacky! The more lights the better!


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh how sweet. One never forgets those first words!

Beth said...

YAY, Mackensie! Jack said "Mama" first, too! He's not much of a talker, though. Alexander said "DaDa," then "cat," THEN "Mama." That was a big disappointment. Alexander pretends to be all sweetness and when you ask him what he wants for Christmas, he will say, "I want whatever Santa brings me." LOL!