Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a time to be grateful

I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. We had a great time and got to have 2 wonderful meals that day. Thank you to my mom, and to Timm's dad and step-mom for a wonderful day. Anyways, I do have pictures, I just haven't gotten a chance to post them. But, I will do that soon.

I just wanted to put something out there I have been thinking about for a while now. I belong to a number of mom's groups, online and in person and I have noticed a trend happening more than I have before, poverty. I can't tell you the number of blogs and posts I have read of women who's husbands have lost their job to the current economy and are terrified they won't be able to feed their children, let alone provide a Christmas for their kids. It breaks my heart because I know stories like that are only going to become more prevalent.

We are by no stretch of the imagination rich, but I can be happy that our bills are up to date, I can go grocery shopping today, I can send Alex to preschool, and I know Timm's job is secure. And most importantly, we have a lot of love in our home. Timm is my soulmate, and I will always stick by him and he me. No matter what happens we are a team working together to raise happy healthy children and to provide each other happiness.

So I say, this holiday season, enjoy all the trappings of Christmas (heaven knows I LOVE all the tackiness of the holiday), but also take the time out to realize what this holiday really means to you. It may not be a religious meaning, maybe it is the closeness of family and the love of your children that make this time special. Whatever it is, always be grateful for what you have, tangible and intangible. Love, support, and hard work is what is going to get this country through these tough times, let it start in our homes.

Ok, off my soapbox now. LOL. I will try to get some new pics of the kids up soon. :-)

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Amma said...

How right you are! Knowing you are loved, needed and wanted is the most rewarding feeling there is. If you have that in your life, you ARE rich! Don't ever let a difference in opinion interfere with the love you have to share with family and friends.

Love to all of yuo!