Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random pics

It has been a while since I have posted some pics. So, here are some random ones I have taken over the last week or so.

Ok, so Alex has picked up how to use the computer very quickly. I got him a preschool computer game for Christmas, and he went from never having used the computer before to being able to start his game on his own, do all the little activities, then end it. (Ok, seriously, just ignore all the dust on the keyboard, really I have since cleaned, LOL).

Another cute pic of Collin sleeping. He just goes and goes and goes until he passes out, so he has a tendency to fall asleep in wierd places and in wierd positions. Though lately he has begun to ask to go to bed at night, which is a little odd, but really I think he likes the peace and quiet he gets at night not being pestered by his big brother.

And 'Kenzie, the amazing food pit that she is. She is like a dog, she will eat as long as you are giving her food. I mean, she will drink a whole sippy cup of milk, eat two packets of oatmeal, and then stand in front of you and scream until you give her some of your breakfast. She easily eats as much as the boys. And this is her favorite moethod of eating, the 'grab a whole fist of whatever and try to shove it all in your mouth at once' method. What a cutie pie. :-)


Mrs. Darling said...

Cute pics.

Your little girl reminds me of Peter and his love of eating. So many times I pause to wonder what it would be like if I didnt have food to put in my childrens mouths. I cant even think about it!

IrishPatty said...

I am already planning the events of this comming weekend since the three monkeys will be staying with me. Please, however, wrap all three children in bubble wrap prior to bringing them. No more ER runs this weekend....LOL
You know how I feel about Alley, Colley & Kenzie...they are absolutely gorgeous and perfect. These pics are wonderful....

Beth said...

Mackensie looks a little maniacle in this one. ;) She and Jack would go together well. LOL.

Amma said...