Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Trip

For each child's birthday I like to do something special for them, usually on their actually birthday, if during the week, but this year we did it a little different. On this past friday Timm stayed home with Collin and Kenzie and I took Alex downtown to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. He had a blast!! He got to take METRO for the first time which he just loved, and then he just dragged me around the museums, I could barely keep up with him. Here are some pics from our big day (which I think I enjoy at least as much as him. :-) ).

At the Air and Space Museum they had a Cesna airplane set up for kids to sit in.

In the Natural History Museum they had a whole temporary exibit about dirt, Alex liked that they had pictures of bulldozers.

Alex in front of a mock dinosaur bone.

Alex (with his eyes closed of course) in front of a triceritops, he was so excited he could barely keep still.

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IrishPatty said...

It is so wonderful to share things you love with your children. You and Tom used to love spending the day on the mall, seeing the monuments and museums. Now to see Alley enjoying cool.
Mom & GaGa