Monday, March 23, 2009

Universal Preschool

One thing I have learned about West Virginia is that it does have a universal preschool program, meaning free half day preschool 4 days a week for 4 year olds. The catch? placement is very limited as there are only a few classes in the county and in order to register you have to take your child to be tested. So, this morning at about 9am I took Alex (and had Collin and Kenzie with me) to his elementary school to be tested, along with what seemed like 100 other kids and their parents. The result? At about noon I walked out with three very hungry, whinning kids. But, I can' not complain too much. Alex did very well. He had to be developmentally tested, and have hearing, speech, and vision tests done. He passed all but his speech completely. The woman said his articualtion was very good, but his comprehension was a little lacking. He had a hard time naming colors, and counting to 10 (he always gets all mixed up with colors and numbers) and because of that had a hard time doing some of the things she asked him to do. He also didn't answer some of the questions she asked him properly, for example, she asked him "who do you live with?" and he said "my school". She said it isn't enough to be worried about, but it would warrent him being retested during the school year. So, in the end all is well, but we are all exhausted. And we don't even know yet if he will be placed in a class, but time will tell.


Beth said...

Hmmm.... are they more likely to be placed in a class if they are developmentally behind? If so, then you can be glad Alex got a little confused because maybe it will give him a better chance of getting in! Alexander got confused on his hearing and vision tests at his 4 year well-visit. *Shrug* They're both fine! :) I hope he gets in!

Kathryn said...

Yeah, families who meet certain income requirements and kids with delays of any sort get placed first. I really hope he gets in, it would be so nice for him to be in preschool in his elementary school.

Amma said...

It would be great if he could get in. He may have been a little nervous and overwhelmed with so many people there. He is a very bright little boy who is very curious about life and learning. Considering his rough start, I am constantly amazed and proud of ALL his accomplishments. I'm sure he will do well. Why wouldn't he with two brilliant parents who have guided him so well?!

IrishPatty said...

Give Alley a big hug from me. I am so proud of him. He is such a little miracle!!!