Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Day Off

Well, a day off for Timm, not for me. But it was definitly nice having Timm home yesterday (bless the federal government and their strict adhearance to the federal holiday schedule!), he even got a 2 hour early release from work on monday because tuesday was a holiday. But with a day off, first it was playing video games while I ran to the store, then he decided to chop wood outside, of course little "chopping" is involved and more feeding wood into the giant wood splitter he got, then it was giving Collin a hair cut, then more video games. Below you will see Collin's new hair cut, I think it is cute, but it will take a while for me to get used to. No more messy rats nest hair! LOL

And, since Timm was home to help with the kids a little I decided to take on a project, going through the boy's room and not only cleaning but throwing away all the broken, nasty toys in preparation for the mounds they will get for Christmas. I have posted pictures of their clean, organized room for 2 reasons. One, it is very very unlikely that it will stay this way beyond this afternoon and I wish to preserve it for posterity, and two so that others may know that yes I do clean their room, I just don't do it with any regularity because they will just rip it apart within 24 hours and I really do treasure my sanity. :-)


Mrs. Darling said...

I love the bright colors in here. And the two little beds remind of the three bears! LOl Cute, cute room!

Hadias said...

What a good idea. Cleaning out the old toys in preparation for the new toys. I have a few that could use donating. Thanks for visiting my blog.