Thursday, November 6, 2008

Future Rock Stars

These 2 crazy boys love singing and dancing, and now they love banging on stuff with drum sticks (from our RockBand game) and rocking out on their little toy guitar. Future rock stars? I'll be waiting for my mansion. LOL

And well, they are just cute. We got these 2 robes at a yard sale in New York, they were like $2 a piece. They like putting them on after they have their baths.


Amma said...

Looks like they are having quite a good time! Have you had to invest in a set of ear plugs yet, or does that happen when Kenzie joins in?!!

Beth said...

They really are rather adorable!! I love to see your pics of Collin smiling since I don't get to see that much in person! They are SOOOO sweet and I am so glad we have all these boys (and one girl!) to love! :D