Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its a Boy's Life

Just a random smattering of pics I have taken over the last week or so. These boys never fail to make me laugh and smile (or want to pull my hair out and scream).

My little drummer boy. Who needs all the expensive toys littering the floor, I want spoons and mixing bowls!! :-)

Alex inherited his daddy's gene for being able to sleep anywhere through anything. This can not be comfortable, but he was passed out. (And please ignore the nasty stains on my couch, no cleaner takes them out, I can't wait for the day when we can get our "post milk/yogurt/juice/ketchup... spills furniture", like in 18 years!!! LOL)

And well, I guess this is what little boys do when their older brother is at preschool and their little sister is napping. Collin is a little angel in human disguise, not because he is perfect, but because for everytime I want to sell him to wandering gypsys there are 3 times that he has made me laugh outloud and smile in wonderment that I was given this amazing boy to be my son.
All my children are wonderful, and special in their own way. Alex made me a mommy and taught me how to be a mommy, he was also so sick when he was born that he also taught me how precious life is. Collin though healed me in a lot of ways. After Alex was born I became quite depressed, I had a LOT of guilt over his birth and was really mourning the first pregnancy that I didn't have, all those wonderful experiences (baby showers, ultrasounds, the "perfect" birth) that I didn't get to partake in. Having Collin really renewed me, he showed me that every child is different and he gave me the chance to have a "normal" pregnancy. He has taught me patience, hope, and never-ending love (even when you are trying to find addresses for gypsy bands). And he paved the way for me wanting to have a third child, and really appreciating my pregnancy with Mackenzie. I like to say that Alex is my heart, Collin is my soul, and Mackenzie is my laugh. The world is a better place for having them in it, and if all I ever accomplish is raising them, then my life will have been a great success. Being a mommy is the greatest job in the world. :-)


Mrs. Darling said...

Love the pics. Yes, there really isnt anything quite like kids to make one appreciate life and its blessings!

Dave (Kate's uncle) said...

Beautifully said!!!!