Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Well, we went trick or treating thursday night instead of friday. Why you ask? Well, the city of Martinsburg (the closest town to us) decided that the high school football game (can we say "good ol' boy's club!) was more important than Halloween (ok, it is the same day every year, they could have scheduled the stupid football game around it). So, to make sure there were enough police for both trick or treating AND the football game, they moved the former to thursday night. So, I took the kids up to the mall and let them trick or treat there. Alex had a blast, he was a little scared and nervous, but overall did a good job and had fun. Collin was pissed off because I dropped his bucket and spilled all his candy, so I decided to do his collecting for him. And Kenzie just hung out in the back of the double stroller just stairing at every one. It was a fun evening, and the boys then spent the rest of the night eating just about all their candy. (except for the 3 musketeers that I stole).

PS. I have learned an important lesson. All those times your mom said she needed to inspect the candy first to make sure it wasn't poisoned, she was mostly lying, she just wanted first dibs on your candy. Hey, we birthed you, we can have your darn Milky Way bar!! LOL. :-)


Beth said...

ROFL! SO true!!!

Oh and hey, maybe next year you guys can come trick or treat with us. It's a bit far, I know, but we have a good neighborhood for it and I know Xander would love it! They could even have a sleepover!

Amma said...

Sounds like a fun time!