Thursday, January 8, 2009

3 Year Old Philosopher?

Earlier today I was taking Alex to preschool, it was really sunny out, and he asks me this question "Mommy, why does the dark need the sun?" I had no idea what to say!!! I just kinds bumbled some words out and moved the conversation on. My god, my 3 year old is deeper than I am!! LOL


IrishPatty said...

I told you he was a genius. He is already thinking abstractly. The sun needs the dark because it would have no reason to exist without it. Tell Alley, GaGa thinks he is the next Einstein.

IrishPatty said...

Excuse me: Why does the dark need the sun? My previous post got it backwards. You need to skip pre-school and have him take his high school equivalency. He could be in college by the time he is 5.