Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well, its a little late, but oh well. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Mine was rather uneventful. We watched the last episode of season 4 of Lost (can't wait till January 21st!!) and then we watched my dvds of Mythbusters (yes, I am a TOTAL dork, but I love that show!!!) my wonderful husband passed out around 10pm. So I sat up, alone, at 11:50 I tried to wake him up but to no avail. So at midnight I toasted myself and then went to bed. Then yesterday we spent the day working on remodeling the laundry room. We are putting up new drywall, paint, a new tile floor, and eventually a new washer and dryer. It is far from done, but I am excited for when it will be done. I spend a lot of time in that room (and it is off of the kitchen, so I get to look at it a lot too) so it will be wonderful having it nice. Anyways, I wish everyone prosperity and joy in the coming year! Bright Blessings to all. :-)

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IrishPatty said...

Happy New Year to the three monkeys and the monkey parents. You left one thing out in our New Year blog. You left out that your mother called you at midnight and wished you a happy new years...
2008 was a wonderful year. You and your monkey husband did an outstanding job as parents and an outstanding job as a married couple. I am so proud of the parents you both have become!!! Bravo!!! 2009 can only be a happy, exciting year for the West Virginia Monkey Family. Love, Your Monkey Mom and Monkey GaGa