Friday, January 2, 2009


So, finally I get off my butt and post some pictures. Here are a few to get started. I should say that we had a wonderful Christmas, thank you to my sister in law for hosting a really wonderful party on Christmas Eve, we had a great time! And thank you to my dad and step mom for coming up and visiting last weekend. It was so wonderful to have you. :-)

Here are Alex and Collin Christmas morning with the play kitchen they got from Timm's dad and step mom. They absolutely love it! and it worked well keeping them occupied until my mom and brother and soon to be sister in law got to our house!

Mackenzie on Christmas Eve at my sister in law's. She had a great time playing with the toys there and was a very good little girl.

Mackenzie being held by Jennifer, Timm's sister with her husband (also Tim) in the foreground. I was so happy she let other people hold her that evening!

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Rhonda & Dad said...

We loved coming and seeing you guys! Everyone is getting so big and grown up (ok, the kids that is!) :-) Can't wait to come back in the Spring! Love you guys!

Rhonda + Dad