Saturday, January 10, 2009

Raising Cain

Today Timm took Alex down to Amma's house so that he can put up her new tv she is getting, so it is me here with Collin and 'Kenzie. It is funny that it is almost a vacation! It is amazing the difference in either one of the boys when one is removed from the mix. They go from fighting looneys, to quiet "angels". LOL But last night I recorded a show on MPT called Raising Cain, and I decided to put it on this morning while I putz around. I would seriously recommend this documentary to anyone with boys. It is about raising boys in America today, how society views boys and the sruggles of boys growing up in schools and "on the streets". It has really made me think about my 2 little guys. What an amazing responsibility is put in front of me, not just the day to day process of taking care of children (feeding, clothing, educating, playing), but raising boys who will one day be in charge of their lives and have their own children to raise. To teach them what being a real man is, not what the media says it is. To teach them the meaning of hard work and responsibility, but also how to empathize and love each other without being afriad to show it. And what a blessing it is, that I have an amazing husband who is best example of what being a real man is. My boys can look at their father and see a hard working, loving, responsible, forethinking, educated man, who has faught for the life he has today. My husband MADE his life, and all the while being an emotional caring spouse. What a gift boys are, and what a challenge.

So, if you have boys, look up the documentary Raising Cain. I found it eye opening.

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Beth said...

I don't know if the documentary was based on the book, but there is a very good book by the same name, with the subtitle, "protecting the Emotional Life of Boys," by Kindlon and Thompson. I read it in college and I often return back to it now, raising my two boys. It touches on so many things that are important to me as a parent and the way that I want to raise my boys. We're certainly blessed with all these boys, aren't we?