Monday, January 19, 2009

Another First for Alex!

Well, this weekend was another first for Alex, his first ER visit!! My mom took the boys for the weekend, and saturday night while getting out of the bathtub he slipped and fell right on his chin. My mom was wonderful, she scooped him up, called me, and then took him over to the ER since it looked bad enough to need stitches. As it turns out it was bad enough that he did need something, but because it was a straight cut they could use dermabond glue. So, no shots or needles, thank goodness. My mom and brother were great with him, and I can not thank them enough for that!! And a thank you to Sarah, my soon tobe sister in law for watching Collin that whole time too. Your guys rock!! If there is one constant with kids, especially boys, it is that they will hurt themselves!! His little cut will heal in just a few days, but my mom will have a great story to tell him when he grows up about his first trip to the ER!! :-)

As a side note, it is snowing here! Finally, really snowing. I love snow. And oh how I love our wood stove today. :-)

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IrishPatty said...

I felt horrible. One would think a nurse practitioner and trauma /ICU nurse would handle the whole situation calmly. I was shaking and crying along with Alley. He was such a good little boy. Here we were in the ER,I was holding him on the stretcher. He saw me upset and said "It's OK, Ga Ga, I fine, It's OK". He was such a brave boy!!! I have never seen a 3 year old handle it so well. Thank God, the doctor felt that dermabond would work. I was so worried he would have to go through stitches. I told Alley, the next time he comes to GaGa's house, we are going to wrap him in bubble wrap while he is here.