Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three's Company

There are those days when Mackenzie is screaming, and Alex and Collin are beating each other up over the same truck, that I think these kids will never get along. But then there are the days, like this past saturday, when they all played together quietly and happily. It was wonderful, one because I was sick that day and needed the reprieve from the screaching, but also because I could see how close these three really are, aside from their daily differences I think they are going to be fiercely loyal and maybe even friends.

Of course, in this pic you can also see just how messy my house gets. It was straighted the night before, and this is only like 9am! But in my new, happier schedule I have decided that the mornings belong to the kids. They can watch their shows, pull out their toys, and generally have fun and make a mess, but at 10:30 the tv is mine (or just goes off), and I save cleaning toys until about 4pm when "calm down" time begins. I think I have recovered a part of my sanity because of this new schedule (well, I should say schedule at all because before was just me running around acting like a looney all the time, no real structure, LOL.)

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IrishPatty said...

They are so adorable! Rarely do children grow up and say "Wow, I had a wonderful childhood because Mom kept the house so clean". Keeping the house clean is for our sense of accomplishment and hygiene. What kids want is attention, love, and a warm comfortable home. You both provide that and more to all 3 children.
Enjoy the snow today!!!